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UTS graduates love learning, take initiative and innovate as socially responsible global citizens.

What makes a UTS education different

Transformative Teaching and Learning

Our enriched and accelerated liberal arts academic program offers UTS student up to 25% more teaching time than other schools.
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Student Empowerment

From day one to graduation and beyond, UTS students are supported and empowered academically, emotionally, and mentally
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Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

UTS is built to be there for everyone, but our community needs to reflect the diversity of the city and underrepresented groups need better support.
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UTS is proud of its unique partnerships with University of Toronto, local research and community initiatives, and international educational institutions.
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Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

How UTS makes sure it is a safe space for everyone.


See how our dedicated staff and initiatives at UTS support our students’ academic, emotional, and mental wellbeing.

Social Justice at UTS

As socially-responsible global citizens, UTS students take initiative to address inequity and work for a better future.

Our Affiliation with University of Toronto

Thanks to our unique affiliation with University of Toronto, our students have access to the university’s libraries, facilities, and even courses.

Innovation in education at UTS

We look at education in a different way, to prepare our students for an unknown future.

What I wish I knew before coming to UTS

I am forever indebted to UTS for these past six amazing years.

A Day in the Life of a UTS student

Meet some UTS students and see what a day in the life at UTS can look like.

Our Library

Did you know UTS students have access to all University of Toronto libraries?

Student Accomplishments

Our New Building

More space for more great experiences

A 33% increase in space will mean 120,000 sq. ft. for learning and growing.

New Black Box theatre

With 120 seats, a dedicated backstage and dressing rooms, students can take to the stage in a space worthy of a standing ovation.

Environmental features

A green roof over the new Auditorium, a cistern for collecting stormwater, and energy-efficient features throughout the building all go towards making the new UTS building greener than ever.

A sky-lit atrium

Connecting the historic building with the new addition is the new sky-lit atrium—the heart of the school.

New Auditorium

A full-accessible state-of-the-art Auditorium, with 700 seats and expanded backstage spaces, will be home to assemblies, performances, competitions, and countless memories.

Media Lab and Creativity Centre

A space for interdisciplinary creation and technological exploration.

Heritage Restoration

The heritage facade of the building, which was built in sections between 1910 and 1924, is undergoing careful heritage restoration to preserve and protect its architectural significance and structural integrity.

Athletic spaces

A new double-gym, paired with a cardio/weights room and athletic therapy room will get our athletes, gym classes, and teams in great shape for healthy activity and competition.

Life After UTS

Be it around the corner or across the world, the UTS Class of 2021 is headed off to the next exciting chapter in their lives.


McGill University
McMaster University
Queen’s University
Ryerson University
University of British Columbia
University of Toronto
University of Waterloo
Western University


Brown University
Cornell University
Harvard College
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
New York University
Parsons School of Design (The New School)
Stanford University
St. Andrews University
University of California, Berkeley
University of California, Los Angeles
University of Chicago
University of King’s College
University of Manchester

UTS student pursue a range of different disciplines after graduation. Last year about 76% of graduates attended university in Canada and 24% pursued post-secondary education internationally.

Arts & Science


Life and Medical Sciences








Hear from UTS Alumni

The UTS Alumni Association supports UTS and helps present and future alumni develop and sustain meaningful, lifelong connections to UTS, to each other and to the broader UTS community. The UTS Alumni Association envisions a thriving UTS supported by a diverse, inclusive and representative group of alumni who have a strong association with the school and with fellow alumni from across the years.

Going to UTS had a really big impact on me and I like the idea of trying to maintain a connection with that and give back a little bit and have some sort of impact on the people who are coming in and on the legacy of how UTS is continuing to change

Brynne Yarranton ’13

UTS continues to be a big part of my life long after graduation, and I’m excited to be able to give back to the school in a number of ways. I’m still in touch with my peers, friends, and even my alumni mentor, and grateful for the guidance and support they have given me since graduation.

Avanti Ramachandran ’09

I credit a lot of things that I have been able to do in my life with what I learned at UTS. I think that it is important to give back to institutions and people who have helped you so it feels good to come and reconnect and continue feeling connected to a place that helped you a lot.

Ian Burns ’16

This is where I came into my own. When I came to UTS what I found was a place where students and families from different backgrounds were joined by one common link – the desire to strive for excellence. I believe there is truly something for everyone at UTS.

Kristina Bates ’88 P ’22

People really want to make the UTS experience better and it’s not about ego, title or having something fancy on your resume or being powerful; it’s about looking for the best way to do things and working as a group and putting our heads together in a way that’s cooperative and I’m not sure I’d be able to find that with any other group.

Anne Fleming ’85 P ’17

One of the most important things about my experience at UTS is how I have always been encouraged to try new things to figure out who I a want to be. I have been exposed to such a diversity of opportunities to find my passion. That meant a lot.

Hermish Metha ’17


Orders of Canada


Rhodes Scholars






Nobel Laureates


Amazing School

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