A Day in the Life of a UTS student

Meet some UTS students and see what a day in the life at UTS can look like.

Laura, Grade 7

“I really look forward to the rest of my journey here!”

Everyday, I wake up at 8:00 a.m. and start getting ready, where a wide variety of curriculum is planned for us. Every new class comes with new friends, kind teachers, and lots of things to learn! After school ends, I go home and take about an hour or so finishing off school work and then move on to extracurricular activities such as figure skating, piano, Chinese, and many OTHERS. At the end of the day after dinner, I take a little time off to chat with my friends and then go to bed early to get ready for the next day. Being a student at UTS is a wonderful experience for me because it exposes me to so many different people with different strengths and weaknesses. The diversity has really helped me grow in the short weeks that I have been here. I really look forward to the rest of my journey here!

My favourite thing about UTS is the strong community—the people you meet and the friends you make. And also how much you can learn here, from both teachers and students.

One particular thing that is really awesome about UTS is that they have lots of clubs and events. Last year I had a great time playing on the basketball team and I also participated in a photography club where my skills were really able to improve.

In terms of the course load and homework, I’d say it’s not too bad. Yes, there’s lots to learn and do, but you’ll get better at managing your time and the stuff we do is pretty fun! There are experiments in science class, games in math, and cool projects like sculpture and animation in art. I had a great experience in F1 and I’m excited for many more years here. I hope you consider coming here too!

Anousha, Grade 8

“My favourite thing about UTS is the strong community—the people you meet and the friends you make.”

Leo, Grade 8

“You wouldn’t believe how diverse the co-curricular activities at UTS are!”

On a typical day of school, I usually wake up at around 7:30am, ready to take on the early morning commute, listening to CBC radio and catching up on the daily news to ready myself for a fun day full of learning. During breaks and lunch, I either play some games with my friends, such as Among Us or catch up on some work I didn’t get to finish in class. I usually wait for my co-curriculars to begin after school is over. You wouldn’t believe how diverse the co-curricular activities at UTS are! Some co-curriculars range from History Bowl, to Basketball Club, and even Coding Club! Furthermore, if somehow not a single club fits your preference, you always have the opportunity to start your own at UTS!

I hope after reading this you know a little bit more about UTS. Come and join the UTS community in the near future!

My day starts with morning rehearsal with Jr. Strings, one of the ensembles at UTS. There are many music programs at UTS including Chamber Strings, Music Production, Battle of the Bands, and more. After that, my classes start. UTS stands out, because of our community. Our teachers and staff always make sure that classes are fun, by mixing up activities, and using our feedback to improve. The people at UTS are friendly, so it’s easy to make new friends! At lunch I have an audition for SHOW, a student-run performance that incorporates all the skills of the students. Whether you enjoy singing, dancing, playing an instrument, acting, or setting up the stage, SHOW is a great way to connect with the people around you. After school, I have Junior Math Club, one of the dozens of clubs at UTS. We have clubs for basically everything, and if there is something you would like to do, all you need is a staff supervisor, a club goal, and you could have your club running in no time. At UTS, a typical day ends with excitement for the next one.

Nathan, Grade 8

“At UTS, a typical day ends with excitement for the next one..”

Sarah Ann, Grade 8

“By the time the day is over, I feel fulfilled, productive, and ready for tomorrow.”

Although things are somewhat different right now, UTS still keeps me excited for the school day. Usually I wake up and get ready by getting dressed, eating breakfast, and making my lunch. I often pack my bag the night before so I’m ready to get going straight away. Once I get to school I am excited to see my friends and catch up, and then go to class. I love UTS courses and the teachers, so I’m always happy to be in the classroom ready to learn. During lunch, I hang out with my friends in the library, attend UTS co-curriculars, or get a head start on homework. On the way home, I listen to music on the bus (my favourite band right now is “Pixies”). After school, I finish my homework, hang out with my brother, or get ready for extracurriculars including sports and piano. Every night I eat dinner with my family, where I tell them about my day (usually very excitedly). Then, I have time to relax and read a book, watch a show, or play games. By the time the day is over, I feel fulfilled, productive, and ready for tomorrow.

A normal day for me is a split between school work, extracurriculars, and time to relax. At school, which is a quick bus/bike from my house, I take classes focused on the humanities, including politics and economics. Coming home after school, I usually have about an hour of homework. The clubs and committees at UTS are one of the school’s biggest highlights for me. I am part of SOMA, the school’s Model United Nations Conference, as well as smaller clubs, like the Positive Mental Health Committee. I am also the Deputy Prefect for Crawford, one of UTS’ Houses (think Harry Potter), a system you will learn more about as you explore the school. The extracurriculars I have done at UTS have helped shape my passions and who I am! Outside of school, I am a climate activist and spend a lot of my time planning Fridays For Future protests. I also love to listen to music and watch movies! 

Cooper, Grade 11

“The clubs and committees at UTS are one of the school’s biggest highlights for me.”

Anjali, Grade 12

“It’s been a really rewarding experience.”

I joined UTS in Grade 9,  so it’s my fourth year here. I live just north of Richmond Hill, so my commute is a combination of taking the go train, subway, and the streetcar. With my courses, I try to have a balance of STEM-related subjects and humanities courses. This year, I’m taking biology and data management, along with law and philosophy. I’m also really interested in business, so I’ve been pretty heavily involved in our DECA chapter, a business competition, for the past 4 years. From starting out as a participant to now being able to teach other students about business and financial literacy, it’s been a really rewarding experience. Some days when I get home, I’ll have meetings with my local youth council, where I volunteer. After I’ll try to get a start on any homework I might have. This leaves me with time to spend with my two younger brothers, or relax on my own; either watching Netflix or reading a book.  

Typically, my day starts at around 7:15. In the morning, I like to eat breakfast, listen to music, and finish packing up my backpack for school. My commute to UTS is about 45 minutes on the streetcar, so I leave home at around 8:00. I usually have meetings in the morning for choir once a week, so on those days, I have to leave by 6:45. Some of the courses I’m taking this year are biology, American history, French, and Asian geography. Some of the co-curriculars I’m involved in are choir, Kids’ Lit Quiz, and DECA. I normally have meetings for co-curriculars around 3 times per week, either before school, after school, or at lunch. After school, I get home around 4:45. I usually have a couple hours of homework each night. Outside of school, some of my hobbies include reading, baking, and dance. To relax at night, I go for walks and bike rides in my neighborhood, watch TV, and draw. 

Fiona, Grade 10

“Some of my hobbies include reading, baking, and dance.”

Andrew, Grade 11

“To unwind, I take a walk, feed my pet fish, draw something, or watch a quick video.”

I typically wake up around 7 AM. I get ready as fast as possible, water my plants, and grab a granola bar to try and catch my 7:27 GO Train. I always get on at the last second, which means I never get a seat in the morning. From there, I take my bus from Union to UTS. Once I arrive at school, I head to the commons room and catch up with my friends there until class starts. After three classes in the morning, my friends and I will either take our lunches to the library, or go out and buy lunch. After I grab my food, I normally head back to school so I can study a bit before my next class if there’s a quiz/test. After school, if I have a club meeting, I will stay behind and attend, but generally I get right on the shuttle bus from UTS to Union Station. My commute is around 2-3 hours every day, so to make sure I don’t waste that time, I use it to study for any upcoming tests or get a head start on my homework. To unwind, I take a walk, feed my pet fish, draw something, or watch a quick video.

A day in my life at UTS is always an adventure. In the morning, I board the GO train at 7:20am and read while travelling to Toronto. At 8:15 I would take a bus from Union which would take me directly to 30 Humbert. I take a mix of more challenging required courses like Math, Science, and English, and electives I get to choose, like Visual Art and Drama. At lunch, go out to get food with my friends by the bakery and spend time getting fresh air outside. After school I typically have a SHOW dance practice or go to the library to do a practice for DECA. Then I would board the shuttle bus to Union Station and spend the time on my train ride back home either catching up on homework, reading, or just take some time to relax after my day.

Ashley, Grade 10

“A day in the life of UTS is always an adventure.”

Asima, Grade 12

“Each new day at UTS comes an opportunity to engage in new programs, learn new lessons, and make new memories!.”

My typical school day starts with by taking TTC busses and the subway to reach school. When I get to school early, I like to chat with some friends in the library or in our commons. My courses are a balance of maths, sciences and humanities. Personally, I enjoy science courses, which allow me to learn through research and lab activities, both hands-on and virtual ones. During lunch or after school, you would probably find me engaging in one of UTS’s many extracurriculars. This can range from running a seminar through UTS’s DECA Chapter and taking part in a meeting for the Graduation Committee, to attending an Indian dance practice for the schools’ student-run production SHOW and participating in a House event! In the evening, I take some time to do my homework from the day and end with reading a book or listening to my favourite pop throwback music before going to bed. While my daily schedule might look the same on the surface, with each new day at UTS comes an opportunity to engage in new programs, learn new lessons, and make new memories!

My day usually begins early as I like doing my homework in the calmness of morning so I can save time in the afternoon/evening to attend my extracurricular activities and spend time with my family. After breakfast I catch the shuttle bus to UTS from North York. Since the commute is a bit longer than an hour, I chat with friends or listen to music while studying. Once I arrive at school, I always wait for my friends in the library where we can hang out together before heading to class. My favourite classes are Biology, History and Latin. At lunch I either eat with friends in the library or walk over to Trinity Bellwoods Park. After class, I might set-up for Model United Nations, attend Outreach meetings or head to Jimmy’s Coffee to get some work done. Three days a week, I will pick up dinner around the school at around 6 before taking the subway to volleyball practice in North York from 7- 9:15 pm. After practice, I arrive home around 10 and get ready for bed.

Ella, Grade 11

“My favourite classes are Biology, History and Latin.”

Jennifer, Grade 12

“Each new day at UTS comes an opportunity to engage in new programs, learn new lessons, and make new memories!”

Hi, I’m Jennifer! I usually start my day around 7:30 AM, grabbing a quick bite for breakfast and rushing onto the subway for school. Many of my courses are related to STEM, because I am really interested in learning about the applications of mathematics. Speaking of which, I help run the UTS Math Society — working with a group of Foundation students, organizing fun events such as a Holiday Estimathon and Puzzle Hunt, and creating problems for UTS’ very own math contests! Once the school day finishes, I will sometimes commute to a nearby park for cross-country / track practice. Running is my way of relaxing after a busy school day, and I come out of practice often feeling very refreshed! When I get home from school, I make it a priority to eat dinner and spend time with my family. We often play a round of our favourite card game before I get started on schoolwork. My day ends around 11 PM, and I like to wind down with a good book or some calming music.