Our Affiliation with University of Toronto

Thanks to our unique affiliation with University of Toronto, our students have access to the university's libraries, facilities, and even courses.

University of Toronto Partnership

In December of 2015, University of Toronto and UTS signed an affiliation agreement. The agreement commits UTS to contribute to the goals of the University. Twice annually UTS presents a report to the Office of the Provost outlining all of our Affiliation activities. Here are a few highlights.

The  Global Ideas Institute

The Global Ideas Institute (GII) is a program developed by the Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy. The GII was conceived by Professor Joseph Wong and Professor Janice Stein to provide intensive research and learning opportunities for secondary students. The Global Ideas Institute is organized annually by the Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy, University of Toronto Schools, Rotman School of Management’s Integrative Thinking, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, and World Vision Canada.

Medicine by Design Annual Conference for Secondary Students

University of Toronto’s Medicine by Design initiative builds on the discoveries in regenerative medicine at U of T and its affiliated hospitals, beginning with the discovery of stem cells by James Till and Ernest McCulloch in the early 1960. Each year UTS and Medicine by Design jointly organize a conference for high school students focusing on the exciting research happening in this field. 

Summer Programs in partnership with University of Toronto

Our Experience Innovation @ UTS summer programs feature a wide range of opportunities for students, including:

Bright Lights in the Lab
In partnership with Firefly, Bright Lights in the Lab gives younger students an introduction to working in a lab, designing and carrying out their own experiments, and analyzing and presenting their findings.

Rotman I-Think
Inspired by Getting Beyond Better, the book by Roger L. Martin and Sally R. Osberg, participants in the I-Think Summer Institute will explore the mindsets and tools of social entrepreneurs. These inspiring leaders—call them disrupters, visionaries, or change makers—develop, build, and scale their solutions to bring about truly lasting social change. But to succeed in bringing about that change requires a different kind of thinking. I-Think offers students who really want to change the world the opportunity to learn to think like a social entrepreneur and apply Integrative Thinking to a real-world challenge.

Global Health Mini Masters
In collaboration with the Global Health Education Initiative (GHEI) at Postgraduate Medical Education at University of Toronto, OISE Master of Education in Teaching students and leadership from University of Toronto Schools, Global Health Mini-Masters is for young students who want to learn and think about how they can contribute to making our world better.

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