Student Support

Our Student Services team of four Guidance Counsellors, two Social Workers, and two Student Success teachers support UTS students’ academic, mental, and emotional development and wellbeing. From introducing students to healthy study habits in their Foundation years to supporting students through the university application process, the Student Support team takes a holistic approach to ensuring students are well-prepared for their time at UTS and beyond.

UTS student pursue a range of different disciplines after graduation .Last year about 76% of graduates attended university in Canada and 24% pursued post-secondary education internationally.


Branching In

F1 (Grade 7) integration into our UTS community starts in August!  In this interactive online adventure, our ‘Young Jedis’ get to create a personal Bitmoji, explore all things UTS and build some new relationships.  Students get to know their classmates through the FIipgrid video app and they work with their S5 (Grade 11) Buddies to complete weekly Branching In ‘Missions.’ A great way to welcome our new students!

Branching Out

The Branching Out program connects senior students with UTS alumni for advice and support as they look ahead to university and their careers. 

The Branching Out program helped me become comfortable with growing up! I learned growing up doesn’t mean giving up your passions – you can pursue them in different ways. Through the program, I’ve become less stressed about making big decisions. I’ve been able to gain clarity on what I really care about and know I’ll be happy wherever I land!

Della ’20Former mentee

Giving back to UTS as a Branching Out mentor is a phenomenally rewarding experience, and is an exciting way to stay connected with the school and its students, who year after year impress me in new and exciting ways.

Emma Jenkin ’03Former mentor


Mental Health

At UTS, mental health supports are a combined full-school effort related to each student’s individual needs. For students, this means caring teachers, student wellness and mental health groups, supportive relationships from guidance counsellors and continued school education and training. For students struggling with mental health, UTS connects them with additional supports like our school Social Workers, student accommodation and support through student success teachers, coordinated student services planning, and coordination and cooperation with external mental health resources supports.
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Physical Health

Health and Physical Education is a mandatory course for UTS students in Grade 7 to 11. Physical wellness is so strongly tied to mental wellness and is an important component of our students’ development.
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Outdoor Education

The UTS annual outdoor education events are the core of its Leadership Program. The program is vital to UTS’s commitment to producing tomorrow’s leaders. UTS employs an experiential education model leveraging our Faculty and Staff’s leadership experiences to coordinate and facilitate both onsite leadership workshops and outdoor activities at all of each of UTS’s different camp offerings.

UTS Students using telescopes to observe the supermoon during Winter 2019 on frozen Lake Wanakita by lantern light.
UTS Students learning to climb at Muskoka Woods Outdoor Education Centre, Fall 2019.

House Program

The UTS house system is the lifeblood of the school. Since its inception in 1957, it has bolstered a sense of community by connecting students across grades. Members elect senior students to house leadership roles and, throughout the year, houses engage in good-humoured competition for house points through literary and athletic events, as well as food drives, spelling bees, and lip-sync contests.

Soon after entering UTS, new students are assigned to one of our four houses for the duration of their time at the school and – given the vibrancy of house spirit – sometimes well after, too!





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Buddy Program

New Grade 7 students are paired with a Buddy in Grade 11, who offers mentorship through our revamped Buddy Program.  The Senior buddy delivers monthly ‘UTalks’ on social/emotional topics, connects informally building friendships and receives a Certificate of Mentorship in S6 upon completion of the program. New Grade 9 , 10, and 11 students are paired with Buddies in their own grade and there is a teacher mentor program in place for our incoming Grade 9 class.