Our Library

Did you know UTS students have access to all University of Toronto libraries?

Did you know that thanks to our Affiliation Agreement with University of Toronto, all UTS students have full access to U of T Libraries, the largest university library system in Canada (and the 3rd best in North America after Harvard and Yale)? The students have access to most physical libraries across 3 campuses, and full access to U of T’s electronic resources. They have the same level of access as an U of T undergraduate student.

UTS students are taught how to use the resources at U of T Libraries in Grade 8 (F2). By the time UTS students graduate, they will be very comfortable using U of T Library and know the major resources in each discipline (i.e. the students use PubMed and Web of Science starting in Grade 11, or S5).

In addition to U of T access, UTS Library also has e-resources specific to middle/high school students, such as e-books via Overdrive, Press Reader, and Flipster.

We are completionists in the library – once we start a series, we have every book in it.

We have all popular books on the first day it is released.

Students can take out as many books as they like. We encourage borrowing over holidays and the summer.

How have we adapted to COVID-19?

  • Full e-book collection via Overdrive 
  • UTS quarantines books for 5 days before they go back into circulation
  • During COVID-19, UTS students receive deliveries of books to their classroom.