Student Life

Student Life

UTS students thrive both inside and outside of the classroom. Our co-curricular program compliments our  academic one and fosters deeper learning through the 6 C’s: Collaboration, Character, Citizenship, Creativity, Critical Thinking, and Communication.  

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The UTS house system is the lifeblood of the school. Since its inception in 1957, it has bolstered a sense of community by connecting students across grades. Members elect senior students to house leadership roles and, throughout the year, houses engage in good-humoured competition for house points through literary and athletic events, as well as food drives, spelling bees, and lip-sync contests.

Soon after entering UTS, new students are assigned to one of our four houses for the duration of their time at the school and – given the vibrancy of house spirit – sometimes well after, too!





Co-Curricular Activities

Through the UTS curriculum, students challenge themselves athletically, creatively and intellectually – but the learning doesn’t stop there. A vast roster of clubs and co-curriculars provide additional avenues to hone abilities and explore interests – or alight on new ones! These activities provide a forum for developing personal and academic skills, and fostering creative problem solving, teamwork and leadership. While staff members provide oversight, many of these activities are student-led initiatives. And if a student has a particular area of interest not met by current offerings, there is an annual process for proposing and launching new clubs!

Club-O-Rama is an annual event which showcases the full breadth of UTS’s club offerings and involves students setting up stalls and making pitches to other students to join their clubs. This year the event moved from an in-person format to a fully online one where students created a virtual version of the event.

Co-Curricular Record (CCR)
UTS is the only high-school offering a Co-Curricular Record (CCR) to its students in Ontario. The CCR highlights student achievements in opportunities beyond the classroom at UTS including a brief description and the skills developed (aligned with the 6Cs: Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication, Citizenship, Character) The purpose of the CCR is to demonstrate the value of engaging in opportunities beyond the classroom, and to help students reflect on and articulate the skills they developed.

This is an important record of all of a students activities through their time at UTS which aids and simplifies applications for future education and professional opportunities

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Cuspidor is the student newspaper.
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Firefly is the student creative writing publication.
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The fROOT is the student magazine of logic and math puzzles.
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ECHO is the student multilingual magazine.
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Outdoor Education

The UTS annual outdoor education events are the core of its Leadership Program. The program is vital to UTS’s commitment to producing tomorrow’s leaders. UTS employs an experiential education model leveraging our Faculty and Staff’s leadership experiences to coordinate and facilitate both onsite leadership workshops and outdoor activities at all of each of UTS’s different camp offerings.

UTS Students using telescopes to observe the supermoon during Winter 2019 on frozen Lake Wanakita by lantern light.
UTS Students learning to climb at Muskoka Woods Outdoor Education Centre, Fall 2019.


UTS students can compete in a wide variety of individual and team sports, to build their athletic skills, teamwork, and grit.

Thanks to our affiliation with University of Toronto, many teams are able to practice using U of T facilities, including the outdoor stadium and turf field at Varsity Centre, the Back Campus fields, the Goldring Centre for High Performance Sport, and the Athletic Centre. UTS also makes use of the swimming facilities at the Trinity Community Recreation Centre, a short walk away from the school’s 30 Humbert Street location.

Foundation Teams

Foundation Teams compete in the
Small Schools Athletic Federation (SSAF)

Cross Country Running (Co-Ed Team)
Basketball (Boys and Girls Teams)
Volleyball (Boys and Girls Teams)
Indoor Soccer (Boys and Girls Teams)
Swimming (Co-Ed Team)
Ice Hockey (Co-Ed Team)
Table Tennis (Co-Ed Team)
Outdoor Soccer (Boys and Girls Teams)
Track and Field (Co-Ed Team)

High School Teams

High School teams compete in the
Toronto District Colleges Athletic Association (TDCAA)

Badminton Varsity (Co-Ed Team)
Cross Country Running (Co-Ed Team)
Field Hockey (Girls Team)
Volleyball Varsity (Boys and Girls Teams)
Basketball Varsity (Boys and Girls Teams)
Tennis Varsity (Co-Ed)
Soccer Jr. Varsity (Boys Team)
Alpine Ski and Snowboard (Co-Ed Team)
Basketball Bantam (Boys Team)
Ice Hockey Non-contact Varsity (Co-Ed)
Indoor Soccer (Boys and Girls Teams)
Swimming Varsity (Co-Ed Team)
Volleyball Jr. Varsity (Girls Team)
Wrestling Varsity (Co-Ed Team)
Baseball Varsity (Boys Team)
Soccer Varsity (Boys and Girls Team)
Tennis (Co-Ed Team)
Track and Field Varsity (Co-Ed Team)

Alpine Team
Varsity Boys Volleyball
Girls Field Hockey

Some highlights from last year

Swim Team Top 20 Finish at OFSAA
Grade 7 and Grade 8 Girls Basketball team: SSAF Champions
Varsity Girls Volleyball: OFSAA 1A Champions