Student Services

The purpose of the Guidance and Career Education program is to prepare students for future educational and career
opportunities with the skills and knowledge necessary to explore options and opportunities, respond to challenges,
make informed decisions and maximize their potential. Students will develop a portfolio throughout their Guidance

From F1 to M3, Guidance will be integrated into the UTS program at key times throughout the school year in various
class settings. The Foundation and early Middle guidance program will broach topics related to organization, time
management, positive mental health, character strengths, resilience and ways to manage stress. Students will be asked
to consider these ideas in the context of their own experiences, including in their learning and growth experiences,
and in their roles as members of the UTS community. Many of these topics will arise again in the M4 Career Studies
and Civics and Citizenship combined course and the S5 and S6 Guidance Seminar.