See how our dedicated staff and initiatives at UTS support our students' academic, emotional, and mental wellbeing.

Student Support

Our Student Support team of four Guidance Counsellors, two Social Workers, and two Student Success teachers support UTS students’ academic, mental, and emotional development and wellbeing. From introducing students to healthy study habits in their Foundation years to supporting students through the university application process, the Student Support team takes a holistic approach to ensuring students are well-prepared for their time at UTS and beyond.
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We are taking a Comprehensive School Health (CSH) approach at UTS, to support a consistent and sustainable message around the importance of wellness on the path of achievement. CSH develops wellness in schools through 4 domains:

Social & Physical Environment of the School

  • Wellness Groups
  • Staff Wellness Committee/Yoga
  • Wellness Google Site/Resources
  • Wellness, Mental Health, Equity School Surveys 
  • Library Open until 6PM

Teaching and Learning

  • Student Support
  • Experiential Education at UTS
  • Healthy Schools Certification
  • F1-S6 Guidance Programs
  • HPE – mandatory F1-S5
  • Whole School Unit Planning with Wellness in mind

School Policy

  • Co-curricular Guidelines
  • Late Policy and accountability
  • Supporting Student Mental Health 
  • Policy for Students/Staff
  • Special Education Policy
  • Extended Absence Forms

Community Partnerships and Services

    Wellness Forums
    Exam snacks
  • UofT Partnerships

Mental Health

At UTS, mental health supports are a combined full-school effort related to each student’s individual needs. For students, this means caring teachers, student wellness and mental health groups, supportive relationships from guidance counsellors and continued school education and training. For students struggling with mental health, UTS connects them with additional supports like our school Social Workers, student accommodation and support through student success teachers, coordinated student services planning, and coordination and cooperation with external mental health resources supports.
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Physical Health

Health and Physical Education is a mandatory course for UTS students in Grade 7 to 11. Physical wellness is so strongly tied to mental wellness and is an important component of our students’ development.
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