What I wish I knew before coming to UTS

I am forever indebted to UTS for these past six amazing years.
Shuruthi in F1 (Grade 7)

Shuruthi in S6 (Grade 12)

When I initially told my parents that I wanted to apply to UTS, they weren’t as keen about the idea as I was. I had been going to a public school since Grade 1, and they questioned whether the UTS education would be worth the investment (spoiler alert: it is!!). I eventually convinced them to let me apply on the basis that even if I did get in, I wouldn’t go. My plan was to get in, and then get them to change their mind and let me attend the school.  

The evening of February 23, 2015, my mom handed me her phone and told me to check her email. “There’s one from Garth Chalmers!” I exclaimed. I recognized the name immediately as being the Head of Admissions as the time. I opened the email, and was elated to find out that I had been offered admission to UTS.  

The night before the deadline to report our decision to the school, I was spoke with my family, keen that we would accept the offer admission because the school seemed like a great fit for me. 

I wish I had known that it would be the perfect fit.

When families ask about my most favourite experience at UTS, I struggle to give an answer. There have been so many that no one answer could do the school justice. Whether it be going to co-curricular meetings with friends, or school-wide House events, the UTS community never fails to impress me. 

The students’ curiosity and willingness to learn are what make the classroom experience so enjoyable, and UTS is extremely fortunate to have teachers that foster this environment. They push students to be their best, both academically and emotionally. 

One day, I will forget the little details about my experiences at UTS, but I will never forget how these instances made me feel. 

I am forever indebted to UTS for these past six amazing years. I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to give back to the school the same way that it has given and continues to give to me.

Shuruthi SivadasClass of 2021